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Welcome to Wisdom Health & Wellbeing

Here at Wisdom Health & Wellbeing, we believe that an integrative medicine and holistic medicine approach to health and healing is the key to living your best life.

We provide holistic medical care to adults 18 years and older in NJ. In uncovering the root causes of disease, we begin by building a biochemically- and psychosocially-driven analysis to understand your complete, whole-person health history. This includes gathering clues from your past (family medical history, childhood history, major stressors, traumatic events, and past medical history) and your present (dietary and lifestyle choices, environment, potential exposure to toxins, work and life circumstances, social factors, sleep, physical activity, and stress-management strategies). Tailored laboratory testing contributes important diagnostic information. Understanding how these factors converge to influence your current state of health is an important part of an integrative medicine approach to health and enables the formulation of a holistic treatment plan. 


Working together, we help you understand the root causes of your disease and empower you to actively take back control of your health. The tools and therapeutic strategies we employ include:

  • Food as medicine                 

  • Restoration of gut microbiome

  • Tailored nutraceuticals

  • Reduction of environmental risk factors

  • Adjustment and/or de-prescribing of current prescription medications

  • Holistic integration of therapeutic approaches

  • Mind-body medicine

  • Lifestyle medicine interventions

  • Attention to the therapeutic relationship

  • Other integrative medicine modalities

You’ll learn how to recover from disease and create a sustainable path to health and wellbeing.

If you are looking for a holistic doctor in New Jersey or a holistic MD in New Jersey, click the following to learn more:


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